Thursday, July 29, 2004

One Cool SMS Application

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Tipped off by Smart Mobs, this has to be the coolest sms application I've seen. Popular Science reports this hacktivist using his bike to receive sms text messages, print them on the road with a chalk printer and with him navigating the bike to do the rendering, then phlogging the whole thing, along with gps data. Brilliant. Large format printing for sms messages.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Wi-Fi Networking News: NY Times Looks at AirPort Wi-Fi

Finally! The days of scarce wifi in U.S. airports may numbered.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Excited to have met with a new friend today doing a super cool new Asian business Thelicatessen. Fantastic idea, fantastic product, great packaging, great looking website.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Man this is pretty psycho...Poetry Jam

A Big Day!!

Champagne flowing and red carpet out to welcome my dear cousin Gav! Good to see you here man!
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While, we're at it, Asia needs a cool little kiddy clothing design company like this one: Jeeto!™
Asia needs a studio like this, no question. What? They're from Canada?!
Whether you're Hot or Not depends not on the idea itself but the part of the cycle you're in. We've seen this before...mass consumerization of high end products/services. Apparently this is choice again. That's does work. But not across the board.

NO-FRILLS CHIC | An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas: ", owner of the Holiday Inn brand, is launching the Hotel Indigo chain. In true NO-FRILLS CHIC style, Indigo will offer low room prices AND hardwood floors, area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpeting and glassed-in showers -- no bathtubs. The first Hotel Indigo is scheduled to open later this year in Atlanta, with room prices in the USD 95-100 range.

Designer Todd Oldham is apparently also planning a mid-priced boutique hotel chain in the US, the first of which is hoped to open this year. Oldham has teamed up with architect David Rockwell, known for designing high-end restaurants like Nobu in New York -- as well as designing Starwood's W hotels -- in an effort to launch a boutique chain. (Source: WSJ).

And, last but not least, Choice Hotels, the parent company of Econo Lodge, Comfort Inn, and Quality Inn, plans to introduce the same mass luxury with up to 500 boutique hotels (tentatively titled 'The Diplomat') in the US, with rooms featuring details like flat-screen TVs and stylish shelving units instead of walls.

NO-FRILLS CHIC is of course a typical (and great!) example of Creative Destruction: 'established' chains like Hilton and Marriott are still experimenting with offering boutique services to new-luxury and design-savvy guests, while aggressive up-and-coming competitors like W Hotels have already proved that GRAND BOUTIQUE is here to stay. Then NO-FRILLS CHIC comes along, raising the bar once more, forcing both incumbents and rising stars to adjust to ever-shorter innovation cycles, and ever-faster changing customer expectations. It's going to be sleepless nights for the laggards, but hey, that's what a MASS CLASS world is all about! Is your industry next?"
This is too Cool. Engadget had the following to say...

Engadget - "The Hitachi engineer behind this is obviously not looking to impress Japan’s future fiancés or its burgeoning gangsta rap community, since he’s manufactured the least blinging diamond ring in the world. The micro diamond ring has a diameter of just 0.02 mm is topped with a diamond that’s a mere 5 billionths of a carat in size. You’re probably wondering why someone would make this, and maybe Hitachi is secretly wondering the exact same thing, but the ring is made with semiconductor technology and is supposedly meant as proof that the company can manufacture micro machines. Or maybe they’re planning to marry off some of their nanobots."

Monday, July 19, 2004

It's all in the Head

Recently spoke to a top pastry chef from the U.S. who plans on moving to HK for good. Why, I asked? The answer came back: I just love Hong Kong. This is no advert for the HKTB. But the thing is there is something quite alluring about the Hong Kong attitude...we're always open for business. Things happen. Stuff gets done. Badabing. It's upward looking, always hoping for the best (just ask the tens of thousands frequenting the racetracks each week), ready to bounce back from the worst. Sure, they might secretly harbor lurking fears...but that won't stop them from lining up at the next IPO or summer-end sale. This place is open for business. 24/7. Don't think you can find it in too many other cities.
Hong kong attitude
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Friday, July 16, 2004

Street news

Expect news from the streets of hk!

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As previously mentioned, the guerilla retail concept is a growing movement. This article from is a pretty complete look at this new scene. The grand daddy of the trend must be VACANT, a truly inspired concept. The question that must be asked is the financial viability of these ventures. Sure the PR is great, and you sell some merchandise...but how much money can you make relative to the set up and dismantling costs and publicity costs involved??? If you've been to one of these, drop us a note.
Recently I came across this really neat site called Halfbakery which contains halfbaked ideas. It's a pretty good place to see what wacky things occupy people's brains.

In the Beginning...

You're looking at the birthplace of a thousand ideas. Or disasters. Isn't it amazing how tied we are to this keyboard? Thinking back to grade 8, straining my finger muscles to work the old mechanical typewriters, cranking out 60 words a minute was no mean feat. On this keyboard was drafted many wacky ideas. I must say there's a certain comfortable familiarity with this view...the trappings of connectivity, productivity (or perception thereof), creativity, all wrapped up in 60+ keys. The birthplace of businesses...
Trusty tool
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