Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hong Kong is 2nd most broadband connected economy

According to the ITU, Hong Kong ranks number two in the world in terms of broadband penetration, at 18%. This, just after Korea at 23.3%. Let's hope the little ex-colony can come up with some hot innovation like what Korea has done over the past several years in broadband gaming, mobile technologies, and generally things technological. Thanks to RED HERRING for the heads up.

"Phone Book", anyone?

As reported by Smart Mobs, this was an IHT article about the use of the phone as the reading media for super short novellettes, in this case by a Chinese author. It makes a huge amount of sense...for Chinese language even more so than English due to the denser encoding of Chinese words. 70 character Chinese sms's can convey more than the 160 character english sms. What we need now are long subway rides to work and good quality fiction.