Monday, November 07, 2005

Free Flu Vaccinations in Hong Kong

Xinhua reports a program started today by the HK government to give a quarter million free flu vaccinations to certain parts of society including poultry workers, some pediatric outpatients, some of the elderly, and some workers in related industries. Good move.

Bird flu business thoughts: I know it's morbid but...

With the Hong Kong Flu Watch in full swing, I can't help but imagine what the business environment would look like. One thing is possible if this happens: much greater need for home delivery. As we saw from SARS, people were loath to go out, and retail pretty much ground to a halt. People still need to eat. All entertainment will likely be at home. Country parks or anything outdoorsy still possible, but people will avoid any places of congregation. Hence I would be bullish on home delivery food and grocery services. If HK had something like Netflix then I'd be keen to follow it too. I wouldn't be surprised if people all of a sudden decided to up their broadband bandwidth provisioning too...from 3Mb to 6Mb or higher. Time to cocoon!