Monday, November 07, 2005

Bird flu business thoughts: I know it's morbid but...

With the Hong Kong Flu Watch in full swing, I can't help but imagine what the business environment would look like. One thing is possible if this happens: much greater need for home delivery. As we saw from SARS, people were loath to go out, and retail pretty much ground to a halt. People still need to eat. All entertainment will likely be at home. Country parks or anything outdoorsy still possible, but people will avoid any places of congregation. Hence I would be bullish on home delivery food and grocery services. If HK had something like Netflix then I'd be keen to follow it too. I wouldn't be surprised if people all of a sudden decided to up their broadband bandwidth provisioning too...from 3Mb to 6Mb or higher. Time to cocoon!


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Blogger birdfluman said...

Good post. There are a lot of new (and old) businesses which will sprout as a result of a bird flu pandemic. Home delivery will be one of them.

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